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2017-08-28 13:16 Business English, Language

Which English words should you never use on your CV?

Recruiters often spend less than 30 seconds scanning a CV before deciding to move on to the next applicant. With such a short time to make a good impression, you need to rigorously edit your CV. We’ve put together a list of overused buzzwords and words which create a rather boastful impression to help you with the editing process.  

8 overused words that make recruiters yawn

1. Results-driven
2. Team player
3. Driven
4. Hard worker
5. Strategic thinker
7. Self-motivated
8. Detail-oriented

It's far better to describe your accomplishments specifically. Use words like “improved” and “created” and provide a specific explanation of exactly what you did, including numbers whenever possible. In other words, instead of saying you are results-driven, show the results you achieved.

8 boastful words you should remove from your CV

1. Innovative
2. Dynamic
3. Savvy
4. Smart
5. Talented
6. Well rounded
7. Well balanced
8. Visionary

The common denominator in all these words is that they are “praising adjectives”, i.e. words we hope others would use about us but which are not a good idea to use about ourselves.

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