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2017-09-06 13:55 Business English, How to series

How to translate your job title

Translating your job title to English is often far from straight forward. Not only can it be tricky to find an exact equivalent, it can also be quite a loaded question politically. Status issues and other problems often arise when people inflate their titles in translation, whether deliberately or unintentionally.

Creative thinking or playing it safe?
Receptionist or help desk manager? MD's assistant or Chief Operating Officer? For the sake of clarity,  what you call yourself is usually best aligned with the norms of the sector you work in, both nationally and in the international market(s) that are relevant to you. A little time spent doing some research is usually time well spent.

New jobs - new challenges
Innovation brings its own set of translation challenges. A lot of jobs that people have today just didn't exist 10 year ago, leaving a lot of room for creative thinking and translation. LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for benchmarking and discovering job titles.

35 new job titles for the Higher Education sector
A good example of translation challenges is the work carried out on the new digital  Swedish- English dictionary by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och högskolerådet) which recently confirmed 35 new job titles  for the Higher Education sector. The dictionary was commissioned by the government to assist with the internationalisation of higher education. New job titles confirmed in this dictionary included:

Företagsdoktorand – Externally employed doctoral student
Vice dekan – Vice dean
Timlärare – Part-time fixed-term teacher

International variation
It's good to be aware of variations in the use of titles between English speaking countries. America, for example has a strong preference for the term "Vice President". A Vice President of Marketing in the USA is more likely to be a Marketing Manager or Marketing Director in England.

Some standard translations
Here's a list of some common translations which we hope you find useful but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

 Account Manager = Kundansvarig
 Art Director, AD = Reklamformgivare
 Business Analyst = Affärsanalytiker
 Chief Executive Officer, CEO = Verkställande direktör, vd
 Chief Financial Officer, CFO = Finansdirektör, ekonomichef
 Copywriter, Copy = Reklamskribent
 Creative Director, CD = Konstnärlig ledare, kreativt ansvarig
 Chief Marketing Officer, CMO = Marknadschef, marknadsdirektör
 Chief Communications Officer, CCO = Kommunikationschef
 Chief Investment Officer, CIO = Investeringsdirektör
 Chief Information Officer, CIO = IT-chef, informationschef
 Chief Innovation Officer, CINO = Innovationsdirektör
 Chief Operating Officer/President = Operativ chef
 Chief Technology Officer, CTO = Utvecklingsansvarig
 Director of Development = Utvecklingschef, utvecklingsansvarig
 Director of Finance = Ekonomichef
 Human Resources Director, HR Dir = Personalansvarig, personalchef
 Internal Auditor = Internrevisor
 Information Technology Director = IT-chef
 Key Account Manager, KAM = Storkundsansvarig
 Managing Director = Verkställande direktör, vd
 Production Manager = Driftchef
 Sales Manager = Säljansvarig, säljchef
 Senior Administrative Officer = Byrådirektör
 Senior Clerical Officer = Byråassistent
 Senior Legal Adviser = Chefsjurist
 Systems Engineering Consultant = Systemingenjör
 Systems Manager = Systemadministratör
 Tele Communications Administrator = Teleadministratör

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